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Motor vehicle seizure transcript

Motor vehicle seizure transcript

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The Motor Vehicle Seizure Transcription is a service that allows you to transcribe the seizure of movable property registered with the Public Automotive Registry (PRA). This fulfillment is necessary to produce the effects of seizure, i.e. to remove the registered movable property from the debtor and collect the proceeds to recover a debt.

How does it work?

To seize a vehicle, it is necessary to proceed with the notification to the debtor, specifying the details of the vehicle, the injunction pursuant to Article 491 of the Code of Civil Procedure and the injunction to deliver the property to the judicial sales institute within ten days ( IVG). Only after completing these tasks can you proceed with the transcription.

To request the transcription of the vehicle seizure, it is necessary to only be in possession of the transcription copy of the notified seizure. The service provides for the drafting of the transcription note on computer support, which is then transmitted to the Public Motor Vehicle Registry with the note on computer support and paper support. Payment of the NP-3B form and any other fulfillment necessary to complete the transcription procedure is also made.

What assets can be seized?

Registered movable property that can be seized for registration are listed in the art. 1 of the rdl 15.3.1927, n. 436, which includes cars, trucks, tractors with their towed vehicles, and any other vehicle similar to the aforementioned, as well as motorcycles, with the exclusion of bicycles equipped with small auxiliary engines, ordinarily called motorized bicycles or light motorcycles.

Who is this service aimed at?

This service is particularly useful for creditors who wish to recover a debt from a debtor through the seizure of a registered movable property. Furthermore, it can be used in case of legal procedures that require the notification of a document to the debtor.



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