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Judicial Records Certificate

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The Criminal Records Certificate is the document that reports the definitive or final provisions in civil, criminal and administrative matters, in the hands of a specific natural person.

From whom can the Criminal Records Certificate be requested?

The Certificate of Criminal Records, whether of the General, Civil or Criminal type, can only be requested by the person directly concerned (art. 24 TU) or by a person delegated by him (in the case of a minor or an interdicted person, it must be requested by a guardian), provided that you are in possession of a regular copy of an identity document and provided that the use for which the certificate is required is explicitly indicated.

To request the Certificate of Criminal Records – General, Civil, Criminal – you just need to fill in the form by entering the following information:

  • full name of the data subject;
  • date of birth of the data subject;
  • place of birth of the data subject;
  • tax code of the person concerned;

For the purpose of carrying out the service, once the order has been placed, the following documents are requested via email:

  • identification document of the person concerned;
  • proxy form signed and completed by the interested party.

ATTENTION: In the absence of the completed proxy and the identification document, the request for the service cannot be taken over. Pending this documentation, the times of the service are considered suspended until the complete receipt of the aforementioned documents.

What data does the Criminal Records Certificate report?

In relation to the type of judicial certificate selected, the document contains the following information:

  • General Records Certificate: shows the data of the interested party plus the information present both in the civil records certificate and in the criminal records certificate, in addition it also reports offenses and sanctions in the administrative sphere.
  • Certificate from the Civil Records Office: shows the data of the interested party with the judicial measures in civil matters attributed to him relating to his personal capacity (interdiction, disqualification; support administration, etc.) and any bankruptcies against him.
  • Certificate of the Criminal Record: shows the data of the interested party with the final convictions and sentences of criminal proceedings (so-called "criminal record");

NB The Judicial Records Certificates are valid for 6 months. After this deadline, it will be necessary to request a new updated certificate.

When to request the Criminal Records Certificate

Requesting the Criminal Records Certificate is useful:

  • if you are an employer and want to know if a potential employee has a clean "criminal record";
  • if you need to register for a public competition and this documentation is required of you;
  • if you need to be employed by a public body and you are required to demonstrate that you have not been prosecuted against you;
  • if you want to know if a subject has been banned or subjected to support administration;
  • whenever you need to know if a natural person has had civil, criminal or administrative measures against him.


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