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The company balance sheet is the document that contains the economic and financial data concerning a joint-stock company.

By whom it can be requested

The company balance sheet can be requested by anyone throughout the country, provided that the name and VAT number of the company requesting the document are known.

To request the company financial statements, you must fill in the form by entering the following information:

  • name/company name of the company;
  • VAT number of the company;
  • province in which the company is headquartered.
  • the reference year of the financial statements;

What does the company balance sheet contain?

The corporate financial statements, pursuant to article 2423 of the civil code, must be drawn up by the legal representatives of the company.

The data contained in the company financial statements are the economic and financial information of a company, in particular it is made up of four parts:

  • Balance sheet: the so-called assets and the so-called liabilites' liabilities of the company (assets available to the company and its debts) and the so-called equity, which is given by the difference between assets and liabilities;
  • Income statement: economic revenues and losses of the company (production value, production costs, difference between production values ​​and costs, financial income and expenses, value adjustments of financial assets, result before taxes, profit (loss) for the year ;
  • Explanatory notes: the accounting criteria adopted in preparing the financial statements as well as the allocation of some items in the balance sheet and income statement;
  • Statement of cash flows: mandatory since 2016 "so-called cash flows" occurring during the year, i.e. information that allows the company's flows to be evaluated.

Requesting a company balance sheet is useful:

  • to evaluate the economic flow of a company,
  • to know the credit and debit exposure of a company;
  • to know the turnover of the company.

Why request the company balance sheet on Certificates and Visure

  • get the document in a few clicks;
  • obtain the official document issued by the Chamber of Commerce;
  • get the document in digital format in 60 minutes;
  • browse our site securely with data encryption and advanced payment gateways;
  • you can get personal assistance from our operators for free.

Document processing times

By email in pdf format within 60 minutes of the request for all orders placed between 9:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Friday. In other cases, the order will be processed in the morning of the following working day.



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