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Terms and conditions


All the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "General Conditions") regulate the sale of services on The services on are provided by Servizi Informativi Srls, PI: 03728230834. All contracts concluded between Servizi Informativi Srls and the customer will be governed by these General Conditions.


The contract has as its object the supply to the customer of the services as indicated in the request forms and with the characteristics specified in the relative descriptions. Each contract stipulated with the customer includes the following documents: General terms and conditions, Request form, Description of the service and Information on data processing.


By placing an order, the Customer accepts the general terms and conditions, the specific conditions contained in the description of the requested service and gives his consent to data processing. The contract stipulated between Servizi Informativi Srls and the Customer ends with the sending of the order confirmation e-mail and with the receipt of the payment. When the bank transfer is used as a means of payment, the order is considered complete when the amount paid for the request for the service is credited.

3.1 Cancellation of orders

Although the order has been completed, Servizi Informativi Srls reserves the right to cancel the same at any time upon notice to the customer. The order will be canceled when execution is impossible, due to force majeure, or if the customer does not meet the legal requirements for requesting the service.


Once the order has been confirmed and payment has been received, the service will be processed and processed as soon as possible. For services for which delivery is expected within 60 minutes, orders must be placed from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:30, outside these hours, these will be processed on the following working day. Services for which delivery is expected within 4 hours must be sent from Monday to Friday by 4.00 pm.

4.1 Urgent Services

During the times indicated above, some services can be purchased in "urgent formula". If the urgency is not respected, the customer will be refunded the supplement paid.

4.2 Delivery times

Although in 90% of cases the times indicated in the description pages of each service are respected, it should be noted that they have a purely indicative value. No responsibility can be attributed to Servizi Informativi Srls if these terms are not respected, in particular in all cases in which the delay was caused by events or third parties not directly controllable or manageable by Servizi Informativi Srls.

4.3 Supplementary Documentation

For certain types of activities, it may be necessary to ask the customer for supplementary documentation for the purpose of carrying out the assignment. No responsibility can be attributed to Servizi Informativi Srls for delays or for the impossibility of performing the service due to the customer's inertia or delay.


To request a service it may be necessary to register by creating an account and subject to acceptance of the Terms, General Conditions and consent to data processing. The account is created using a valid email address and password. It is recommended to use complex passwords consisting of alphanumeric and special characters together with uppercase and lowercase letters. By default, the system does not allow you to create weak passwords. The customer is directly responsible for his own access credentials for which a strictly personal use is foreseen and the absolute prohibition of transfer to third parties. In case of theft or loss of access credentials, the customer must promptly inform the customer service of anagrafeonline so that the appropriate measures are taken for the security of the data stored in the account. Account creation is only necessary for the first order, for all subsequent orders the customer can log in using the credentials entered during registration.

5.1 Registration via social login

To facilitate access to the services, the customer can access them using their social account: google or facebook. With regard to the so-called social login, it is recommended to read the information on data processing, an integral part of these General Conditions.

5.2 User panel

After registering, the Customer can access the user panel to view the status of the orders and manage their credentials such as: billing address, history of all orders, etc.

5.3 Account Removal and Data Deletion

To remove your account, simply send an email to, generally within 48 working hours all data is removed with the exception of those for which the law requires mandatory retention. The customer will then receive a confirmation email upon removal of the account. The registered user has the right of access to their data, the right of portability, the right of rectification and any other right in line with the provisions of the GDPR EU 2016/679 and the national legislation on data processing.


Only the services present on the website at the time the order is placed, as described in the relevant information sheets, can be purchased. Correct receipt of the order is confirmed by an e-mail notification, sent to the e-mail address used by the Customer to create the account. The message contains the summary of the order. The customer undertakes to verify its correctness and to promptly communicate any errors. All prices on the site are to be understood as excluding VAT and can be modified at any time, without notice. In the event that an incorrect and/or clearly derisory price is published, for whatever reason, the order will be cancelled, even in the case of initial validation.


In order to ensure greater flexibility, we offer our customers different payment systems.

7.1 PayPal

By selecting Paypal as a payment instrument, the customer will be automatically redirected to the Paypal page and therefore no data will pass through our site. Paypal is one of the most popular systems for online payments. Through the Paypal platform, the Customer can make the payment using a Paypal account, a prepaid card, a debit card or a credit card belonging to the Visa, MasterCard, etc. circuits.

7.2 Credit Card

It is possible to select a credit card as a payment instrument and pay for your order by credit card, rechargeable card, Poste Pay, etc. In this case, payment is made directly on the checkout page.

7.3 Advance bank transfer

In case of payment by bank transfer in advance, the processing of the file will begin at the moment of crediting, which must take place within 5 working days from the date of acceptance of the order, after which the order will be deemed automatically cancelled. The purpose of the bank transfer must include the order identifier which is issued in the order confirmation e-mail. The bank details on which to make the transfer are shown in the order confirmation email.

7.4 Top up credit

Customers can also opt to purchase a rechargeable one. The credit can be used to purchase any service, even those on offer. The rechargeable has no expiration date. On the basis of the top-up size, the customer is granted a bonus which is added to the value of the credit already purchased. The management of the rechargeable can be done from the customer panel.


Services purchased on our Sites are delivered digitally. If the requested service includes a paper document, this will be sent by courier or by post, the shipping costs will be specified at the time of conclusion of the order and are charged to the customer. Generally when the order is completed, the customer receives an e-mail notification indicating that the order has been completed. The e-mail also indicates the link for downloading the file directly from your user panel. The document in pdf format is also attached to the e-mail notifying the completed order. The same will be available for 15 days in the customer area, after which period, for security reasons, the file is deleted.


In compliance with the provisions of the Consumer Code, the Customer who plays the role of consumer and, therefore, the natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to his professional and/or entrepreneurial activity, pursuant to art. 52 has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract, within and no later than 14 days from the conclusion of the contract. The same can be done by sending a letter with return receipt addressed to Servizi Informativi Srls, Via Dei Mille, 98122 Messina or certified e-mail to the address

9.1 Exclusion of withdrawal

The withdrawal, pursuant to art. 59 of the consumer code, cannot be validly exercised if the service has been performed within 14 days.

9.2 Refunds

In case of withdrawal, if Servizi Informativi Srls has started the service, it must be held harmless for all costs incurred. Furthermore, no refund will be made in the event that the outcome of the searches relating to the requested service is negative. Also no refund will be made if the negative result of the searches was caused by incorrect or incomplete data provided by the customer.

9.3 Supplier Withdrawal

Servizi Informativi Srls may withdraw freely and without any obligation from the contract concluded with the customer, subject to adequate notice of 15 days to be communicated by certified e-mail or registered letter. However, the same can withdraw at any time with immediate effect if the customer behaves illegally towards the company or due to force majeure.


Servizi Informativi Srls assumes no responsibility, except for willful misconduct or gross negligence, for any delays, errors or other damages suffered by the customer or by third parties during the execution of the contract. The data cannot be disclosed or transferred.

10.1 Customer obligations

For any non-compliant, unauthorized or illegitimate use of the requested services, the customer will be held solely and exclusively responsible, who undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless Servizi Informativi Srls from any type of liability and/or claim for damages caused to third parties during the execution of the contract and after the conclusion of the same.

10.2 Disclosure of Third Party Data

With regard to third party data communicated to Servizi Informativi Srls during the request for services and/or after the provision of the same, the customer declares to know the Community and national legislation on data processing and to be the Data Controller, as : has obtained the consent of the third party, has a legitimate interest in it and/or there is another condition envisaged by the legislator which legitimizes the ownership of the treatment. Servizi Informativi Srls towards the customer and the data supplied by the same, operates as a mere external manager of data processing as required by EU and national legislation on data processing.

10.3 Asset investigations

The services in the patrimonial investigations category and all those involving an investigated activity are provided to Servizi Informativi Srls by third-party companies, authorized pursuant to art. 134 TULPS. All the information contained in the relative reports are the result of surveys, research and interviews carried out according to the rules established by art. 5 of the decree of 1 December 2010 n. 269 ​​and subsequent amendments. The customer indemnifies Servizi Informativi Srls and third-party companies from any liability regarding errors and/or inaccuracies in the requested reports. Third-party companies, although authorized to process sensitive data with an authorization provision from the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, ensure compliance with the code of ethics and good conduct referred to in attachment A.6 issued by the same authority with the provision of the Guarantor n°60 of 6/11/2008 published in the Official Gazette on 24/11/2008 n°275 and subsequent amendments. The data contained in the reports does not constitute a source of evidence.

10.4 Customer Responsibilities

The customer is aware that for all services that are configured as "investigative activity", the request is made exclusively to carry out defensive investigations or to assert or defend a right in court, both during a proceeding, even in administrative, of arbitration or conciliation, both in the preparatory phase for the establishment of a possible judgment, and in the phase following its definition; the treatment can also take place before the pending of a proceeding, provided that the data are strictly functional to the exercise of the right of defence, in compliance with the principles of proportionality, pertinence, completeness and non-excess with respect to the defensive purposes. The resulting data processing must be carried out by the requesting party in compliance with the current provisions of the law, exempting Servizi Informativi Srls and third party suppliers from any liability and/or request for compensation for damages that originate from claims, disputes or proceedings, direct or indirect, of any kind and in any jurisdiction, advanced by third parties or in any case deriving from the performance of the requested service. Servizi Informativi Srls and the third-party supplier companies reserve the right to carry out random checks to verify that the requests sent by customers have been carried out in full compliance with current legislation.


Failure to comply with the obligations set out in these general conditions will result in the termination of the contract and the cancellation of all orders in progress. Specifically, the contract will be immediately terminated in the event that the customer violates the obligations set out in points 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4. The contract will also be terminated with immediate effect, if the information entered during registration or when requesting services is false or the requested services are used for illegal purposes and/or in any case prohibited by current legislation.


The sales contract between the customer and Servizi Informativi Srls is governed by Italian law. If the customer is a consumer, for the resolution of any disputes deriving from the conclusion of the contract, the territorial jurisdiction belongs to the court of his municipality of residence; in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the Court of Messina.


The customer who qualifies as a consumer, as required by the Consumer Code, and who resides within the European Union for the resolution of any disputes, will be able to access the ODR platform which can be consulted at the following internet address, https://ec. 

The ODR online platform is a tool set up by the European Commission to provide an alternative resolution to disputes that have arisen between the consumer and the professional. 


The conditions contained in this document may be modified by Servizi Informativi Srls without notice and will be valid from the date of publication on the website.


For any further information, the customer can contact Servizi Informativi Srls at the following addresses:



Phone: +39 02/400.310.22

Address: Servizi Informativi Srls, Via Dei Mille, 98122 Messina, Italy.

Read also the rules on privacy and data processing, an integral part of these general conditions.