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Debt collection report

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The Debt Recovery Report is a complete document that provides a detailed overview to evaluate the feasibility of an enforcement action against a debtor, be it a natural or legal person. This report can be requested for individuals or companies with residence or registered office in Italy.

Here is the information contained in the Debt Recovery Report - Complete Debtor Tracing :

  1. Personal Data Tracing : For natural persons, it includes residence and operational offices on the national territory for companies.

  2. Protests : Reports of protests or non-payments.

  3. Prejudices of Conservatorship : Registrations of mortgages or other encumbrances on real estate.

  4. Insolvency proceedings : Information on the debtor's involvement in bankruptcy proceedings.

  5. Positions and Shares in Companies : Details on managerial positions or shareholdings in companies.

  6. Land Registry Survey of Registered Properties : Information on properties owned by the debtor.

  7. Current Account Tracing : Identification of active bank accounts.

  8. Tracing Registered Vehicles : Identification of vehicles registered in the debtor's name.

  9. Control and Verification of Corporate Representatives (only for companies): Analysis of the subjects involved in the company.

  10. Work and/or Pension Activity Survey : Including the perception of citizenship income.

This service is performed throughout the national territory and is mainly aimed at law firms specializing in debt collection, debt collection companies and bankruptcy trustees. However, it is important to note that the Debt Collection Report - Complete Debtor Tracing can only be requested if you have a debt against the individual or legal entity. It is advisable to provide the details of the sentence or enforcement proceeding in the notes of the request and to make a preliminary telephone contact.



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