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The cadastral map extract is the "portion of the map" which shows the outline of land and its boundaries within a radius of 1,000 metres.

From whom can the cadastral map extract be requested?

The cadastral map extract can be requested by anyone on land located throughout the national territory.

To request the cadastral map extract, you must fill in the form by entering the following information:

  • the municipality in which the land is located
  • the address where the land is located;
  • the land sheet;
  • the parcel of land;

NB it cannot be requested in the provinces where the land register system is in force. (Trent, Bozen)

Generally, the cadastral map extract is supplied in 1/2000 scale format, in large areas the 1/4000 scale can be used; but 1/1000 or 1/500 scales can also be used.

What does the cadastral map extract contain?

The data contained in the cadastral map extract are the parcel of land for which the document was requested and its boundaries or contours within a radius of 1000 metres, such as:

  • other land,
  • buildings,
  • streets,
  • railways,
  • lakes, etc.

the cadastral map extract graphically shows the technical drawing of the reference land as registered in the land register, its validity regards the data contained at the time of the request.

NB the data contained in the cadastral map extract DO NOT have legal value, the land register is not a probative body.

When to request the cadastral map extract

The main function of the cadastral map extract is to know the boundaries of a particular piece of land or building, however requesting this document can be fundamental:

  • if you want to proceed with the installation of photovoltaic panels;
  • if you want to carry out a renovation;
  • if you want to make a new construction.

Why request the cadastral map extract on Certificates and Visure

  • get the document in a few clicks;
  • obtain the official document issued by the Revenue Agency;
  • get the document in digital format in 60 minutes;
  • browse our site securely with data encryption and advanced payment gateways;
  • you can get personal assistance from our operators for free.

Document processing times

By email in pdf format within 60 minutes of the request for all orders placed between 9:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Friday. In other cases, the order will be processed in the morning of the following working day.



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