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Baptismal certificate

Baptismal certificate

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From whom can the baptismal certificate be requested

The baptismal certificate can be requested by anyone, provided that the personal data of the physical subject is known, of the church in which the aforementioned subject was baptized, and provided that the latter has received the sacrament of baptism in Italy .

To request the certificate of baptism, just fill in the form by entering the following information:

  • name and surname of natural person;
  • date of birth of natural person;
  • place of birth of the natural person;
  • name and surname of the natural person's father;
  • name and surname of the natural person's mother;
  • Church where the baptismal rite was celebrated;
  • Use for which a baptismal certificate is required.

N.B. You can request the baptismal certificate in every church, located on the national territory, which is administered in the name of the SS. Trinity (Baptist Churches, Lutheran Churches, Methodist Churches, Waldensian Churches, Orthodox Churches and Anglican Churches/Communities).

What does the baptismal certificate contain

The baptismal certificate contains all the data transcribed in the religious registers concerning the baptismal sacrament and the data of the baptized person. In particular:

  • Church where the baptism was performed;
  • Day and Time in which the baptism took place;
  • Full name and surname of the person who received baptism;
  • Date of birth and place of birth of the person who received the baptism;
  • Name of the parents of the person who received the baptism;
  • Name of the godfather and godmother of the person who received the baptism.
  • Identification number of the baptismal registry of the church in which the rite was celebrated;
  • Any notes on the confirmation, or on the marriage of the natural person who received the sacrament of baptism.

When to request the baptismal certificate

Requesting the baptismal certificate is necessary:

  • to receive the Catholic sacrament of Confirmation;
  • to get married according to the religious rite;

requesting the baptismal certificate is useful:

  • to enroll in compulsory schools belonging to a religious order;
  • to apply for citizenship if the birth certificate or extract cannot be found in the municipality of reference.

Why request the baptismal certificate on Certificates and visure

  • get the document in a few clicks;
  • get the document with all the information directly extrapolated from the religious registers;
  • navigate our website securely with data encryption and advanced payment gateways;
  • you can get personal assistance from our operators for free.

Document processing times

Starting from 40 working days from the request and refer to email delivery only.

The delivery of the document in paper format is managed by DHL or Poste Italiane, therefore, we do not assume any responsibility in case of delay or loss of the shipment of the document.



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