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Registry tracing

Registry tracing

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The Registry Tracking is a document that identifies the current domicile and/or residence of a natural person.

Registry tracing is a very widespread investigation in everyday life, especially in the legal world. For the legislator, many legal acts are null and void if not served at the domicile and/or residence of the debtor or the party. Hence the need to know with certainty the domicile and/or residence of a person before notifying any type of deed. Penalty the validity of the same. For example, knowledge of the domicile and/or residence is essential for the notification of a precept, a seizure and many other legal acts such as summons, appeals, etc.

Therefore the need to know, before undertaking any judicial activity , but not only, the domicile and / or residence of the person to whom we have to serve a deed or even a simple registered letter.

The Registry Tracing and Residence can be requested to find the domicile of both natural and legal persons throughout the Italian territory. The survey is not able to ensure the domicile and/or residence of people who are resident outside the national territory with the exception of those registered with AIRE acronym of Italian registry office residing abroad established in 1988. Given that there is no obligation to registration with this list it may happen that a person actually lives abroad for many years without registering with AIRE. Often this situation occurs within the Community territory. For subjects residing abroad, it is advisable to contact us before submitting the order.

In addition to the domicile and/or residence, the Registry Tracking contains the personal data and tax code of the person for whom the request is being made. It should be noted that for natural persons, domicile and residence generally coincide.

The Registry Tracking is delivered within 3/4 working days from the request if submitted by 6.30 pm from Monday to Friday. The document is sent by email in pdf format. For those who need to know the residence of the natural person quickly, it is possible to obtain fast delivery within 4 hours.



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