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Twenty-year notarial report

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The Twenty-Year Hypocadastral Certification is the service that allows you to trace the cadastral history of a property in the twenty years prior to the request.

Who can request the Twenty-Year Mortgage Certificate

The Twenty-Year Mortgage Certificate can be requested by anyone throughout Italy, as long as you have a pdf copy of the attachment already duly notified and transcribed or, alternatively, as long as you know the cadastral details of the property.

To request the 20-year mortgage certificate, you just have to fill in the request form and insert the cadastral details of the property.

What data does the Twenty-Year Report Service – Twenty-Year Hypocadastral Certification report?

The service, also known as the Twenty-Year Notarial Report, contains a certificate made by a notary concerning: the assets to be enforced, the destination and identifying elements of the object to be enforced, the mortgage history, the transcripts and registrations prejudicial to the property for the last twenty years.

Consequently, the service is composed of the following elements:

  • Twenty-year mortgage certification
  • Map Extract;
  • Cadastral historical extract.

NB Pursuant to the second paragraph of article 567 of the cpc, this document is necessary to carry out the procedure for the sale of the attached property.

What are the costs of the Twenty-year Mortgage Certificate

The costs of the Twenty-year Mortgage Certification procedure are as follows:

  • Skills of the Notary (who digitally signs the certification in the PM7 format suitable for electronic filing);
  • Shipping of the certification in paper format via express courier;
  • Map Extract;
  • Indication of any registered creditors;
  • Indication and residences of the co-owners for the usual notifications;
  • stamps;
  • Postage;
  • Land Agency Rights.

ATTENTION: for the procedures concerning Public Bodies and Construction Companies the costs of the Twenty-year Mortgage Certification procedure may be different, for information please contact us by e-mail.

When to request the Twenty-year Mortgage Certificate service

Requesting the Twenty-year Hypocadastral Certification service is necessary:

in all judicial real estate executive procedures when it is necessary to proceed with the sale request pursuant to art. 567 cpc

Why request the Twenty-year Mortgage Certification service on Certificates and Surveys

  • get the document in a few clicks;
  • get the document in digital format in 20 working days.
  • browse our site securely with data encryption and advanced payment gateways;
  • you can get personal assistance from our operators for free.


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