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certificato di Stato libero

Certificate of free status

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Processing times

The processing times via EMAIL for our certificates are:

  • Approximately 3/7 working days for documents processed urgently (we recommend contacting us to confirm processing times before choosing urgency);
  • approximately 15 working days for non-urgent and non-apostilled certificates;
  • Approximately 40 working days for certificates with apostille.

The delivery of the document in PAPER format is managed by DHL or Poste Italiane, therefore, we assume no responsibility in the event of delay or loss of the shipment of the document.


The certificate of free status can be obtained by anyone in any Italian municipality, provided that the personal details of the person whose document you wish to obtain are known and that this person has residence and has been registered in an Italian municipality.

To request the free status certificate, simply fill out the form providing the following information:
  • First name;
  • Surname;
  • Date of birth;
  • City of residence;
  • Province of residence.

Information contained in the certificate of free status

  • Name and surname;
  • Tax ID code;
  • Date of birth;
  • Municipality and province of residence;
  • Residence address.
  • Free State

The certificate of free status is the declaration of a public official attesting to the absence of marital ties (free status) of a specific natural person residing in an Italian municipality.

The document (certificate of free status) has the value of truthfulness and regularity of the information contained in it as it is signed by the municipal official and has unlimited value throughout the national territory.

NB The certificate of free status is valid for six months from the moment of its issue. After this deadline, you will need to request a new updated free status certificate.

When to request the free status certificate

The request for the certificate of free status is necessary:

  • to contract marriage;
  • to open the succession of a deceased spouse;

The request for the certificate of free status is useful:

  • to obtain a mortgage;
  • to complete a real estate sale;
  • every time official certification of the state of freedom (single/widowed/divorced) of a physical subject is requested.



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