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Tax Bonuses with ISEE for 2024: A Complete Analysis

The 2024 Budget Law introduces a series of innovations regarding bonuses and benefits. Among these, the Psychologist Bonus and the Nursery Bonus, which turns into the practical 2024 Birth Bonus, have been strengthened. However, some measures have been canceled or will see their scope or extent reduced.

It is not yet certain whether there will be a 2024 Wedding Bonus, but we know that some incentives for the current year, such as the glasses bonus, the drinking water bonus and the green houses VAT bonus, will not be renewed. In contrast, the various 2024 construction bonuses remain almost unchanged, with the exception of the Superbonus, which continues to attract great interest.

Among the bonuses confirmed for 2024, we find incentives in favor of citizens with a low Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE), less than 15,000 euros or slightly higher.

Here are some of the most relevant bonuses:

  1. Bills Bonus 2024 :

    • It provides specific ISEE requirements to benefit from social bonuses for electricity and gas.

    • An estimated reduction in average spending of 20% for electricity bills and 15% for gas.

  2. Card Dedicated to You :

    • It grants a single amount of 382.50 euros, accompanied by an additional bonus of 77.20 euros.

    • Available for families with ISEE up to 15,000 euros, excluding recipients of allowances, NASpI or other salary contributions.

  3. Transport Bonus 2024 :

    • Available only to those in possession of the dedicated card or with earnings of less than 15,000 euros in 2023.

  4. Nursery Bonus 2024 :

    • Amount varies based on ISEE:

      • Up to 25,000 euros: 272.70 euros for 11 months (3,000 euros total)

      • Between 25,001 and 40,000 euros: 227.20 euros for 11 months (2,500 euros total)

      • Over 40,001 euros: 136.30 euros for 11 months (1,500 euros total)

    • Request via INPS online service with SPID.

  5. Psychologist Bonus 2024 :

    • Maximum 50 euros per psychotherapy session.

    • Amount varies based on ISEE.

  6. Pet Bonus 2024 :

    • ISEE threshold reduced from 35,000 to 16,215 euros.

    • Requestable only by citizens over 65 years of age.

  7. Mom Bonus 2024 :

    • Contribution relief of up to 3,000 euros per year for working mothers with a permanent contract and at least two children.

  8. Teacher Bonus 2024 :

    • Confirmed in the amount of 500 euros, without income constraints.

  9. Construction Bonus 2024 :

    • They do not depend on family income and include the Renovation Bonus and the Furniture Bonus .

  10. Bonus without ISEE constraints :

    • Incentives linked to expenditure incurred, such as the Mother's Bonus and the Teachers' Bonus .

    • They do not require a specific ISEE.

Furthermore, there are contributions reserved for families with a higher ISEE, such as the Children's Bonus, the Increase in the Single Allowance and the Under 36 Mortgage Bonus. The Maneuver offers new incentive opportunities independent of the family income, such as the Restructuring Bonus and the Furniture Bonus.

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